Custom Blending Appointment

$ 35.00

Our blending process is completely unique due to owner Friday Elliott's neurological difference, known as Lexical-Gustatory Synesthesia. With the ability to literally taste language, personalities and abstract concepts as complex flavor profiles, Friday has developed hundreds of fandom and personal blends, many of which are available in our public collection!

If you wish to commission your own custom blend, there is a one-time $35 blending fee for development and ingredient sourcing, after which your blend is priced according to ingredient expense just like the rest of our blends.

Blends can either be developed online via email, or by appointment in-house at our Wallingford tea room. When blends are developed via email, the custom blending process can take anywhere from one week to one month from concept to shipment, depending on the difficulty we have sourcing your ingredients.

After a blend is on file, you can always order it by emailing us with the title of your custom blend and the number of ounces you'd like and we'll get it shipped out right away!

For more info on Friday's blending process, read this blog post!

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