Botanical Sugar Cubes

$ 15.00

One lump or two? These darling mini sugar cubes are available in multiple combinations of pressed flowers and natural flavors for a deliciously aromatic tea experience. Each box contains 72 mini cubes at 1.45g per cube (about 1/4 teaspoon of sugar) and are just as tasty as they are beautiful. Whether you gift them to a special friend or keep them all to yourself is up to you...

Ingredients (Lavender Vanilla): Cane sugar, organic lavender, organic vanilla seeds, natural flavors

Ingredients (Rose Petal): Cane sugar, organic rose petals, organic vanilla seeds, natural flavors

Ingredients (Honeysuckle Chamomile): Cane sugar, organic honeysuckle, organic chamomile, organic cornflower, natural flavors

Ingredients (Orange Jasmine): Cane sugar, organic orange peel, organic blossoms, organic jasmine, natural flavors

Ingredients (Lemon Hibiscus): Cane sugar, organic hibiscus flowers, organic lemon peel, natural flavors

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