April Book Club (Africa - A Girl is a Body of Water)

$ 71.00


Feature book: A Girl is a Body of Water by Jennifer Nansubuga

Region: This month, we travel together to Africa.

Limited to 10 spots

Deadline to subscribe: March 26, 2021

Around the World Kit (Africa) available: March 29

Book + Communi-Tea online meet-up and experience: Sunday, April 25, 2021, 2pm PST

Genre: Fiction (Culture/history)

Length: 560 pages

In a small village in Uganda, Kirabo has been raised by women: her grandmother, best friend, and aunts, but the absence of her mother follows her like a shadow. Seeking answers, Kirabo begins spending afternoons with a local witch, trading stories, learning about her birth mother and the strange force that is starting to stir inside herself. The witch explains that Kirabo has a streak of the “first woman”, an original way of being that has almost been lost. Kirabo embarks on a plight to reconcile her mysterious origins, and her desire to reconnect with her mother while honoring the family that raised her. Tradition and the promise of a different future collide as we follow Kirabo’s journey, bound in indigenous feminism and Ugandan folklore.

Included in your “Around the World Tea Kit” are:

  • This month’s feature book
  • This month’s featured teas (one caffeinated, one decaf), their history, creation, and connection to the book
  • 2 Paired small business goodies (art prints, stickers, bookmarks, enamel pins, etc.)
  • Participation in this month’s small group book club meeting facilitated by Linda and Friday – offering meaningful conversation, human connection, and shared learning centered around our featured book
  • Insights from a special guest – perhaps an artist, academic, or global visitor – to bring a unique perspective to the conversation 
  • Your valuable support for local business – all Books + Communi-Tea kits are sourced from local, small businesses

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