Inflammation Rescue

$ 7.00

This anti-inflammatory aide is designed to ease your aching joints and soothe your swollen skin. Not only is this a helpful gem to have in your tea cupboard, it's also a tasty strawberry and spice treat!

Ingredients: Fennel seed, peppercorn, strawberry, orange peel, feverfew, honey, hibiscus, lemongrass

All of our teas available online are gluten-free and ethically sourced from organically certified farms. Like all of our blends that contain honey, this tea is not vegan, but most of our teas are.

To infuse, use one teaspoon per cup of water at 185°F and allow to steep for at least two minutes. Stronger infusions (5-7 minutes) will yield more benefit.

*As with all supplements, this is not meant to replace medical treatment or treat any particular disease. Please discuss your options with your doctor.

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