March Book Club (Central America - Mexican Gothic)

$ 71.00


Feature book: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Region: This month, we travel together to Central America.

Limited to 10 spots

Deadline to subscribe: February 21, 2021

Around the World Kit (Americas) available: February 25, 2021

Book + Communi-Tea online meet-up and experience: Sunday, March 28, 2021, 2pm PST

Genre: Fiction (Gothic/fantasy/thriller)

Length: 300 pages

In 1950s Mexico, Noemí, a glamorous debutante sets off to the countryside to save her newlywed cousin who has sent a frantic letter begging for help. Noemí enters a terrifying and seductive world in High Place – a house where she is surrounded by mystery, bloody visions, and men who are not what they seem. Her cousin’s new husband, both menacing and alluring; his brother, shy but hiding secrets; and his father, the strange and ancient patriarch. The family’s fading wealth and mining empire once sheltered them from prying eyes, but there are many secrets behind High Place’s walls. Noemí unearths stories of violence and madness. Yet she is drawn to the darkness, finding it almost impossible to leave this enigmatic house and family behind.

Included in your “Around the World Tea Kit” are:

  • This month’s feature book
  • This month’s featured teas (one caffeinated, one decaf), their history, creation, and connection to the book
  • 2 Paired small business goodies (art prints, stickers, bookmarks, enamel pins, etc.)
  • Participation in this month’s small group book club meeting facilitated by Linda and Friday – offering meaningful conversation, human connection, and shared learning centered around our featured book
  • Insights from a special guest – perhaps an artist, academic, or global visitor – to bring a unique perspective to the conversation 
  • Your valuable support for local business – all Books + Communi-Tea kits are sourced from local, small businesses

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