It's that time of year! August 30 2018

It's time, friends. Summer is rapidly drawing to a close and Fall is making itself known in the cool mornings and subtle bite in the air. Seattle is starting to grow its clouds a little darker and a little more gloomy, and like most Northwesterners, we love it. Seattleites have a tradition of jumping the gun when it comes to Fall. The second any color shows on the edges of our maple leaves, out come the scarves, boots and seasonal beverages. We love it! Our crew here at the tea room are just as shameless in our love of Fall as the rest of our region. Along that vein, I'm so excited to share with you our Fall seasonal blends! 

 Available from September through December, please join us in a cup of:
These tasty blends will be replacing their Summer counterparts, which will be leaving our selection for the year after Monday, September 3rd. Be sure to stock up on the following, as they won't be back until Spring!
Fortunately for you, we will be having a massive sale over Labor Day weekend, and you can take advantage of the 3-day crossover to pick up Summer & Fall teas at 30% off all weekend. Start putting together your online shopping carts (don't forget coupon code "TeaBreak") or planning your visits to our Wallingford store now!

 Hope to see you this weekend!
Love, Friday